Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yo ho ho! It's a Pirate's Life for me!

Our house is overrun by Pirates and's so true...I couldn't think of 2 themes to match our childrens' personalities more. Sarah is often found to be bubbly, sensitive and fun-loving. Sean is out on look for adventure, a good fight (and not necessarily a fair one) and loves a challenge. Simon works hard to steal the show from Sean, isn't afraid to keep up with the others and has his own treasures that you daren't touch!

Sean and I have been working on this for sometime...neither of us is an artist but we sure are happy with the outcome. You should try creating art sometime. It's not as hard as you think...
Gramma CB painted the mini-chest of drawers, Mr. CB painted the frames and carefully chose the fabric to go in them.
More painting from Gramma CB...she sure is awesome isn't she?
Finally, today's big accomplishment...using the vinyl I bought months ago to create exactly this...
Isn't it wonderful when a project turns out exactly how you planned? I even used a level to make sure that the letters were straight (my rough attempt was very crooked!)


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Kelly said...

Yarr. That be a fine job, me hearties!