Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our cake

A while back...there was a challenge laid out to me on was that if I made our minister in cake he would use the pictures as his profile picture. Well, that was a WHILE back and I finally got to make his cake!
I know, I know...there is no picture of him on the cake...and well, there are a few reasons for this. First, I like artistic renditions...second, I have yet to really delve into the world of sculpting people for cake...this I want to do but haven't decided if I should continue to fumble in the dark or actually get some formal training on this see, thus far I am self-taught...

Anyway, some of the highlights are; the cross that Ryk wears every Sunday (he may even wear it every day).
The Boran (a celtic style drum) one of many instruments that he plays along with the bible that he carries when he does his sermon...that little black book is always on hand Sunday mornings (Ryk insisted on eating the bible himself!)
Finally, the clergy tartan that he wears for special occasions. There was some discontent expressed that he wasn't wearing his kilt today.
This bad boy was about enough to serve 75 people...and feed them it did!
In case you were wondering the bottom tier was lemon with lemon buttercream, the middle tier was vanilla with vanilla buttercream and the top tier was chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

Oh and Ryk, if you happen to read this...if you would like a cetlic cross cake for your birthday, I am totally on-board...I would really like to take another stab at that!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Princesses and Frogs...

Well, I was lucky enough to get to help out with my niece's birthday this year as I mentioned yesterday...not only did I make the cake but I brought a few crafts to share with the kids as well. Here is the birthday girl working on decorating her loot bag!
This is my middle guy working on his loot bag as well...And Sarah...(she insisted on wearing the tiara was too cute!)This is my nephew concentrating on his shrink art...very serious business this creative stuff...Finally, I don't think I will ever get tired of photos of the kids huddled around the oven watching the shrink art do it's magic...what else holds their attention so well???Well, we hope you had a wonderful birthday Rachel!


The Princess and the Frog...

So, when my sister-in-law asked me to make our niece's birthday cake...I was, maybe thrilled is more like it! I have been waiting years for the honour! So glad I finally got to do it...
I was even luckier than just making her cake though...I got to help out with crafts too (more on that later!) So, I decided that a Princess and Frog theme was in order as I had to incorporate the boys that would be there into the crafty part of the I couldn't help but make a couple of frog cupcakes to accompany the cake...aren't they the sweetest???
THEN, we served up the cake...the top tier was chocolate with chocolate buttercream and the bottom tier was vanilla with vanilla sister-in-law asked...can they eat the crown? Of course!!! Hooray for that...So Rachel shared her crown with her little cousin Julia...isn't she the sweetest? I don't know which I love more the pigtails or that beautiful red hair...fantastic!

Happy Birthday Rachel!
Auntie Heather

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pampering Fest 2010!

I have to tell you...I am very excited about Pampering Fest 2010! It is on January 30th from 11am till 4pm...please DO stop by...there will be so much stuff for all you ladies to enjoy! Need tickets? Let me can buy them from me.

Anyway, part of Pampering Fest is having give-aways...last year I gave away super cute lollies turned flowers. I loved them, they were fun, simple and quite simply, a hit!

So this year I have been looking for another perfect idea...I turned to my friend at Skip to my Lou (ever been there? You should totally check it out!) She had this really neat I went and bought about 500 or so mini candy canes (did you know that I always jump in both feet without looking?)
There they candy canes...With them, I made took me 2 hours to make 14...unwrapping the candy canes was brutal (look for ones that are not shrink wrapped), they were almost all broken and they didn't melt as beautifully as hers did...boy was I sad...I know...cute idea right? Maybe it's not quite right for me. As a friend who was here that day said...'I think these are a little too delicate' then she promptly broke it before it reached the tray again. Ooops...point taken!

Ahhh well, back to the drawing board!!!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Auntie Heather

Dear Jack,
I made these scrapbook pages to add to your birthday book...I know you love Mario and his friends...but does this fit the bill?
I was so nervous as Jack opened his album to take a peak at the pages I did for him for the last 3 birthdays...
these pages in particular were nerve-wracking for me. Could Auntie Heather make some rectangles, circles and other basic shapes pass off for Mario-World? Goodness! Well, it would seem that I did it! Jack seemed quite impressed by my efforts and he also enjoyed a matching card which I did not take a photo of...I was running late (nothing new when it comes to gifts around here...)

Speaking of which...

Dear Daniel and Jenna,
I finished these for you today. They were meant to be for your birthdays...sorry about that...I promise I will get them to you soon...They are crayon rolls inspired by Cindy Lou at Skip to my Lou one of my all-time favourite places to go for inspiration! You will find several variations there...this is my variety... The cutting is crooked, the sewing is a little off and the ric rak was lost in several places...I am guessing this is why I am not a seamstress! But, I am an aunt and I do try!

I hope you will all enjoy these little gifts and please do remember that they are better late than never!

Auntie Heather

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, there was a lot of talk about our party last New Years is pretty serious business around here!

The kids helped pick their favourite appetizers!
Then they got ready for the big countdown (around 9pmish)
And then we toasted in the New Year.
Bottoms up!
Please note: This was a family show so the beverage in the champagne glasses was apple juice. (For those who read this earlier and saw wine I apologize!!! I don't know where my head was yesterday! We don't even really drink wine!!! Acck!) Sometimes you just need to break out the good dishes because, well if we don't use those glasses, who's gonna?

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 01, 2010

I'm not Lion!

When a friend of mine sent me a note asking me to do this cake I couldn't bare to say no. You see, she is the same person who ordered the Black & White Shoe Cake! She is also the same person who, after this cake, was lucky enough to receive the recent topsy turvy cake! So, as you can see...they are a fun kind of family!

So without further ado, here is Ryan's Lion Cake!
I loved creating this was too sweet!I heard that Ryan spent the whole afternoon roaring after eating this cake...So please if you are having Lion cake eat with caution or you may begin to roar too!