Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sweet Times

I have learned when an opportunity is offered, take it! It is challenging being in a strange place without transportation. So when my friend suggested Root Beer floats and a can I say no?

 We sat and enjoyed our Rootbeer Floats and then we continued our hike. It took us to a cliff over a cove. From there I caught my first glimpse of a whale. No pics but memories.

Our hike took us through Quidi Vidi. Such an amazing little place. So beautiful.

I picked out a house here for us. I don't think Mr. CB is buying it...yet.

Life is sweet.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

In the beginning...

This was the first day of work for our GO Project Team. The goals? See God's beautiful creation. Love it. Know each other. 

Before the challenge began, we explored a little history on Signal Hill.

 The scenery in Newfoundland never stopped overwhelming me. I feel like in this moment, it was the same for these guys.

We hiked down Signal Hill that day. Right to downtown, it was so amazing. 

In the beginning
Was beautiful.


Saturday, June 24, 2017


On Sunday a friend picked me up after church with a picnic in her bag and took me out for a hike at Tors Cove. My friend has been here just over a year and she told me that she never tires of the scenery, that it never stops being beautiful. I can see why.

The thing I've learned about Newfoundland is that it is always windy. Always. At a glimpse the weather might seem a bit cool but then you get out and get moving and realize that the wind is a bit cool but the air, in fact can be quite warm (there has been frost while I've been here too...the weather varies quite a bit).

Iceberg! Straight ahead! Do you see it? That white spot in the distance? It is an iceberg. Amazing right?

The terrain is rugged. There is always another hill to climb, another step to raise yourself. That is the path we took on Sunday...well a small bit of the 5km that we hiked anyway.

There are many islands just off the island of Newfoundland. I hear that it isn't uncommon to spot sheep or goat hanging out on these islands. Keeps everyone contained!

Honestly, I am not sure if I would tire of this amazing place either. The wind blows so hard sometimes that I have the urge to lean in. Perhaps it's time.

Head Up.
Eyes Closed.
Lean In.

Much love,