Monday, September 13, 2010


I have been asked a number of times about wedding cakes and my standard response is "I haven't done any yet..." and that usually sends any potential bride to be running the other way! It's not that I am not willing but I am a little afraid of potential 'bridezillas' and their mothers.But in this case, I was approached by a friend ordering cupcakes for her brothers seemed so much more innocuous so I jumped on the chance! I had to pack everything up though and leave the true delivery to my friend as the wedding was in London.
She told me that her cousins would be doing the work and said something about christmas lights at one of their weddings...(in a less than happy they were up for the job!)
All those cupcakes in one place make me smile...there is just something about cupcakes...that make me smile!


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Jennifer Kozak-Gray said...

Amazing work Heather!