Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Rainbow Connection

I think a lot of us have a special place for a little green frog who sings about rainbows... sometimes we catch a glimpse of what might be on the other side...and it is beautiful.

This party was booked well in advance giving the hosting mom and I lots of time to discuss options for themes. She was stumped...totally stumped. It was obvious that the usual princess gig just wasn't going to do it...
So, I suggested an Art Party...of course having never hosted one I had no idea what I was in for...but that's sort of my thing...jumping in with both feet that is.
Of course it's more fun when we do it together...just look at these sweethearts...
It really doesn't get much better than this group of girls...they were wonderful...
Well, there was one little snag...
We did Shrink Art, Art Journals and Cupcakes (of course!) and in an attempt to be artsy...I made the journals the colours of the rainbow (sorry indigo, I keep leaving you out!) When I tried to hand the journals out to the girls all of them wanted purple...I diligently handed out one colour at a time, waiting for the girls to realize the purple was on hold for the time just wasn't going to work.

Eventually everyone had a journal and was busy happily creating...but it took a little extra smoothing this time. This being said, that photo of the rainbow of journals up above still makes me happy.

What can I say?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pretty in Pink (and Brown)

So here how the story goes...I was SO excited...I had one shoe done, the cakes were moving along...I took the photo and left the room...
With this little dancing fool in it...
I came back. And guess what? The shoe was broken and part of it was missing! So, I had to begin again. That's how it goes sometimes. Note to self: do not leave preschool alone with cake or any sort of sugar for that matter!

Fortunately, there was still time to finish this...
One of my most commented on cakes in awhile...
I must admit, I'd be pretty thrilled if a cake like this showed up to my next birthday!

I hope you had a fabulous day Ann!

PS The cake was Chocolate Irish Cream with Irish Cream Buttercream. The yummiest!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet Scent-sation!

I have found myself so busy at parties lately that I hardly have time to take photos...and I forget to tell you important bits...the parties are still as wonderful as ever...the kids are still fabulous and the fun, well, we have lots of it!

So, to start...cupcakes!
Next up? Soap...where are the photos? Who knows...we made mini-soaps with Grapefruit Scents...mmmm...there were flowers, hearts, fish and puzzle pieces. Just imagine them for me. Please?

Then? Shrink art! We made Flip Flops and Lipstick charms! They loved that...and they did such great colouring...with coordinating charms, contrasting charms...they were charming really!
Finally, back to those cupcakes! Mmmm cupcakes!

And so much fun!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Give it a Twirl Day!

What a day we had! We started off with measuring everyone, assembling the patterns and getting them cut to size for each of the girls!

They were all quite amazed and delighted that these pieces would somehow become a skirt for them!
Things got a little crazy after the girls got all their fabric cut serger just wouldn't cooperate. No matter what I did. Eventually we gave up and pulled out my almost 40yo Kenmore. It is a great machine! The girls were amazing all the while...preparing for the fashion show...exchanging phone numbers...playing little clapping games. It was fun to be in the room with them.
Let the show begin! The entire narration was written and read by the girls...they chose the music, the order, everything. They wrote some great comments...the moms loved it!
I love how unique each and every skirt turned out. I had such an amazing day with the girls!
Just look at them all...10 one of a kind twirl skirts for 10 one of a kind girls.
I hope the girls had as much fun as I did!


Friday, June 03, 2011

Bright Lights, Big City!

I know it's ONLY Toronto to some of you but it's been awhile since we've spent time in Toronto Proper and it was nice to visit (glad we don't live there anymore!)

When I heard that Redpath was opening their doors for Open Doors could I resist? I mean what could be sweeter? The kids were super excited to see their friends from the Acts of Sweetness Team AND they had been asking about visiting Redpath (TRUE story!) Hmmm, I wonder what else is on their bucket list!

Here we are driving can't see it here but there was a HUGE line-up (and we were running a little late - Mr. CB moves slowly on Sundays!) But lucky us, we knew the person at the gate and they let us slip in with the next group when we got there!
This is Richard Feltoe, he is the curator of the Redpath Museum. He had some great one-liners for us before he took us into the tent for the video about how sugar is refined!
Look how excited Sarah is here...and this is just about watching a video!
The refining process brought me back to my roots in oil and gas (really, it did!)
So each of these containers has sugar in various states of refining...from Magma to Fine Liquor. Mmmm liquid sugar!
Speaking of sugar...everyone of us loved this part! This building is as big as 2 football fields and gets filled with the raw sugar (not sugar in the raw that you buy) but the sugar that comes off of the boats. Look how tiny that tractor looks!
We finished our day by waiting almost 2 hours to go up the CN Tower. It was totally worth it though...the kids loved every second of it!