Monday, December 12, 2011

In the meadow...

We can build a snowman. But first we need to get the cupcakes in the oven!
 This was a team effort for sure!
 I love the look of concentration here!
 Here we go...snow people in the works!
 Ready for their time in the oven!
 And now back to the cupcakes (notice the swirled ornaments in the background...we did those too!)
 Snowflake cupcakes!
 Happy Birthday!
I had a great time with these girls! A lot of them have been here before (some of them many times). It's always nice to have friends return to the workshop!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

1st Annual Cookie Exchange!

Yes, yes...I said annual. I have never been invited to a cookie exchange but always dreamed of being a part of one (everyone's gotta have dreams - big and small, right?) SO, inspiration struck and I decided to host one. BUT, with a Creative Bug twist...
What was the twist? Everyone arrived at Creative Bug HQ with bowls, hand mixers, cookie sheets and containers in hand...and they baked the recipes that I chose and it all happened IN my workshop!
We made Hello Dollys!
And Shortbread!
We spent time together...mothers and daughters of ALL ages...
Sisters and friends...
3 the confines of my workshop.

So, what do you get when you put together 12 people and a whole lot of butter and sugar? 10 different kinds of cookies totalling to about 6 dozen, a clean kitchen and a whole lot of fun!

I had a few people promise they will come back next year. It was a glorious moment in the Creative Kitchen. I am glad my mother was there to see it all see my vision come to life. I know it's just cookies but there was more to it than year, you'll have to book early because we were full this year!


Friday, December 09, 2011

Just Beachy!

It all happens so fast...and then I suddenly realize, I have NO photos of the party!

Beach cupcakes, one of my favourites!
Happy Birthday!
These girls were great...they were singing Jingle Bells from around the world for was quite lovely!
We also made Mini Scrapbooks and decorated Loot bags hoola style...I just didn't get any photos that day. Sad, I know.


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Pie in a Jar!

I counted down the days, seriously...this is THE Girls' Night Out I was really looking forward to...a LOT. And finally, it arrived (almost 2 weeks ago now...again, the delay is inexcusable but at least I am here now.)

We had our youngest attendees peeling, coring and chopping, then we mixed up our filling and set to work on our crusts...look at all of that. Isn't it lovely? pie...
With a lid!
All set to go in the freezer...
Ours are still in the freezer which is making the Creative Princess crazy...she wants to share hers with the 5 of us asap but Mr. CB isn't home for dinner 5 nights of the week and weekends get pretty crazy...especially in December! I am aiming for this Sunday. It's movie night afterall...pie seems like a great finish, don't you think?


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. CB!

This post is also late...I have some serious catching up to do! You see Mr. CB's birthday is one month before Christmas. Exactly ONE month. So, you do the math.  I am late, again!

The highlight of his cousin went out with us and took photos of the kids...we framed these 3 for him to enjoy. Pretty sweet eh?

Next? I told him a colleague ordered a cake from me, showed it off to him throughout the entire process and guess what? He brought his own birthday cake to work and didn't know it...
 So he enjoyed a vanilla cake with vanilla filling with his colleagues...
 Then, after we madly rushed to the mall and printed the photos and got them into the frame I bought, we picked him up from work, went out for supper and enjoyed this cake...
I apologize for the crumby photos, I forgot to take some before we left the house and restaurant photos just never seem to work. Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Filling all covered in Chocolate Ganache. Rich goodness. Yum!

The last bit of his birthday? The Money Pit. Yep, I got him the movie hoping he would share a laugh with me as we often refer to our own home as The Money Pit. We watched it together and we laughed.


Monday, December 05, 2011


I know I am a little late with this but things have been CRAZY over here!  We got into the spirit of Movember this year with chocolate Mo-Staches! Everyone loved them!

Here is the Creative Princess with her favourite teacher!
 Our little guy with his favourite Jacob Beam staff!
 And our favourite local league hockey team all decked out!
Movember makes me's pretty awesome to see the guys out there raising awareness and raising money for something that is important to their health.