Thursday, January 05, 2017

Post Holiday Workshops!

 Everyone in the Creative Household loved that most of our time off together came after Christmas! We wish it could be like that every year! We loved celebrating Christmas in Niagara and Toronto and then spending time at home catching up and playing with our new gifts and old treasures!

It also gave us more time than usual for workshops!

We ran 3 days of workshops...our first day was a day of self expression...first shirts and then self-portrait cakes. In the case of the cakes...everyone went their own direction and that's okay too. Everyone's work was fantastic!

 Day Two was more of a sewing day...we made Go Fish Games. Our younger attendees loved making these but loved playing with them even more! They found a little extra time to play and dance while our older campers made a more complex version of the game. And then we made quilted cupcakes.

Day Three we got serious! I got the hammer out and we smashed some candies so we could make Stained Glass Cookies. We also made mosaic necklaces and puzzle tins.

As always it was great to spend time creating with my friends!