Friday, September 10, 2010

The Happy Baker - Cookbook Giveaway!!!!

You know...when I entered the Redpath contest, I entered to win. And I fought hard and managed to hold my own thanks to all of you and some of your friends. I wanted to thank you all for being so supportive. You have no idea how much it means to me. To know you are all there (even if some of you mostly just lurk...I lurk quite a bit too, I understand.)

But I met someone on the Redpath Page, someone who I quite frankly expected to be the big winner of the Redpath contest. But she wasn't...I bet her recipe is awesome though...'cause well, she seems pretty cool. I recently got a package from her (I ordered it...and you can too!)

I was pretty freaking ecstatic coming home with my package...I almost ripped it open at the post office but I managed to contain myself.
There's a little treat inside both the books I got...I got 2 books. for me and one for one of heard me! And because she is just starting out she couldn't just give me the books so she autographed them as a treat!
She dedicated her book to her Mom...nice eh? I might have to do the same if I ever published a book...but, I don't see that in the cards for me so I will live vicariously through Erin for now!

The book has 4 delicious, I mean absolutely scrumptious chapters! And along with her wonderful sounding recipes are stories about love and love's fun to read...I just took a break from reality and read a bunch of them...I am dying to know what happens next but I am distracted by the recipes (trying to choose one to try you know!)
So, if you see a recipe there that you think I should try, let me know...and I just might! Over the next week, I will be trying out these recipes and giving you all time to enter to win, 1 autographed copy of Erin Bolger's book.

So, here's how you can win...
1. Leave a comment here and tell me what recipe you think I should try (maybe if you're local you'll get to try it too!)...I will make it a little easier and open up my comment restrictions for you.
2. Join Creative Bug's Facebook Page (if you haven't already) and let me know that you are a fan here by leaving a comment on this post.
3. Join The Happy Baker's Facebook Page (if you haven't already) and let me know that you are a fan here by leaving a comment on this post. -Let's give Erin some good Canadian Love (did I mention she's Canadian and her book is SELF published - my hero!)

Thank you Erin for letting us do this...I can't wait to try out some of the recipes in the book...I've got my eye on one I'd like to do today...does it seem like too much to bake 4 days running?

Tell all your friends! Contest closes Thursday September 16th at midnight. Good luck!!!


PS. You must be over 18 years old to enter...
PSS. Go buy the book for all your friends at Chapters!


Jeannie Murphy said...

How fun. That's what makes FB great. Making new friends. I have friended you on facebook and will head over to her page and friend her as well. Good things come to those who bake!

Jennifer Kozak-Gray said...

I am fans of both of yours. You do amazing work. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with the world. Keep up the great work.

Leah Hageman-Elliott said...

Love both of you! Came across Creative Bug on facebook, through a friend of mine. Am definitely a fan of both Creative Bug and The Happy Baker. You both have such wonderful creations....I'm jealous!

I think you should try to Irish Cream cupcakes... sounds delicious.

Heather said...

I was looking at those too Leah! Maybe I will make them for Mr. CB to take to you think they'd like that?

Paul said...

Do the Speed Dating Quickies! They sound scandalous. I've gone to the Happy Baker's page, and of course I'm on yours!


Teslaca said...

I'd love to hear how you like the Butter Tarts. And I could use this book right about now; just broke up with my honey of seven years. Time to bake!

Amanda Beaver said...

I would love to try the big hurt cheesecakes. Sounds yummy!

Joan said...

I love cheesecake so I'd go with the Big Hurt Cheesecake.

Joan said...

I Joined Creative Bug's Facebook Page

Joan said...

I Joined The Happy Baker's Facebook

Ashley said...

Just because of the name, you should try the Bite My Peanut Brittle, Bi-Atch. This book looks fantastic!

Stacy G said...

Hey Heather, I agree with Ashely, I think you need to try Bite my Peanut Brittle, Bi-Atch. Seems like a good one. Happy Baking!

Renee said...

This book looks awesome, and so does the triple decker carrot cake. I love carrot cake so triple decker? Yes please! Also, I am a fan of both of your pages on Facebook!
Happy Baking!!!

Suburban Princess said...

So much fun! I joined your fb page and I have been on Erin's fb page for a while now.

I would love to try the carrot cake! Yum!

I love finding Canadian bloggers so I am adding you to my faves :O)

Kell said...

I can't wait to get my hot little hands on a copy of this cookbook! I am a fan of both The Happy Baker & Creative Bug - thanks for keeping food and crafts real!! :)

Jennifer Kozak-Gray said...

I would have to say you both are very gifted at what you do. I inspire to be a known crafter myself someday. I love cheesecake & I hope to win this book so I can treat my wonderful husband to some great food for our 3rd Anniversary. Thanks you for having this contest=)

Anonymous said...

I think you should try: You Can Kiss my Triple Decker Carrot Cake Goodbye...yum!!

Kim D.

Anonymous said...

FB fan of Happy Baker!!

Kim D.

Anonymous said...

FB fan of Creative Bug!!

and a big thanks for the contest :)

Kim D.

Julia Opie said...

Hi Heather. I love Erin's Cookbook. So much so, that I spent more than what I paid for the book to mail it to my niece in Australia! Hard to choose a fave recipe, but the "Maybe it's Destiny, Dream Bars" are to die for. Everything that I have tried is wonderful. I'll join your FB page. Already on Erin's. Julia

Lauren said...

Thanks for this! I love her biscotti recipe and you should check it out. I am already a fan of hers and look forward to checking out your FB page too!

Savannah, Acts of Sweetness Ambassador said...

Hi Heather!

I hope you're well :)
Just thought that I'd leave a comment here letting you and others know that Redpath Sugar is now running a contest with The Happy Baker, Erin Bolger!
All you need to do is post a recipe on Redpath's Facebook Wall that uses Redpath Sugar AND an unusual ingredient for a chance to bake alongside Erin on Redpath's YouTube Baking Channel.

Here are the details:

Just thought I'd share that :)

Happy Baking!!