Saturday, May 05, 2012

It's Smurfin' Time!

We brought these little guys home just over a year ago (without the house!) Just so I could put them on a cake for my brother but then we missed his birthday and I thought I would just make him a cake anyway but it didn't happen...time keeps slipping through my fingers!
 Finally, I made the time to make the cake I had been planning for over a year...but then I had helpers!
 Sean happily made the mushrooms, the stepping stones and the supports for the roof while Simon rolled and cut fondant. Simon helped put the circles on the roof (I was quickly informed they are NOT polka dots!)
I think my brother liked his cake...the kids sure did!


Friday, May 04, 2012

Whip it!

You know...I never really stop enjoying these parties! We had our first group from St. Catharines this week (how awesome is that?) We started by whipping up some cupcakes...
 Then we moved onto our Rock and Roll Shrink Art!
 And this never really gets old for me either!
 A microphone cupcake!
 Sing it up!
These girls were icing pros! They did great icing the tops and sides of their cupcakes (pretty tricky to do if you ask me!)


Wednesday, May 02, 2012

For the birds!

As Mother's Day is quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to do a number of crafts that the participants at Community Living could choose from to share with their moms...our first week we went with a bird theme...I need to get an action shot of my bird feeder but these are tea cup bird feeders that are setting.

Then we packed seed and gelatin into a form to make a hanging feeder. They will come out of the cupcake liners and you can hang them on a tree! 

These were simple to make...and I am hoping we'll be able to enjoy some bird watching soon with ours!
Finally a bird card to go with the feeders! These really caught the Creative Princess' eye...they were so fun and colourful!
Here is my feeder in the garden...we just have to wait for it to be discovered now!