Tuesday, May 15, 2018

SMASH Watercolours!

It is so true...the ocean's roar is definitely music to my soul. My soul yearns to be near the salty waters of the ocean...in the meantime, I have found solace in watercolours.

And sharing my passions simply delights me. I have enjoyed watching the artists create each week.

One artist asked if she could just paint an eye...of course. Isn't it stunning?

 So that is another week of SMASH Club!

 Did you know that we have a SMASH Camp coming up this summer?!

So colourful.
So dreamy.

Much love,

Monday, May 14, 2018


I am so delighted to have introduced SMASH Club at a couple of schools in the area. We have spent the last number of weeks learning different techniques, using different mediums and having fun!

We started off with some Sharpie artwork...

 One of our friends was worried about how his colours ran. We assured him it was amazing...the Middle Man and I both love the way this one turned out.

Welcome to SMASH Club! We have started booking programs for 2018/19 at schools in the area. Perhaps your artist will create with us this fall!

So fun.
So colourful.

Much love,

Mother's Day @ Our House

This weekend is a special one in our house...not only is it Mother's Day but also my birthday weekend. I made the necklace I am wearing myself but the creative kids have made me their own versions. 

Mr. CB finished this delightful piece for me. I am delighted to have it hanging in my kitchen. I made each of these sets of prints with the creative kids when they were about a year old. The perfect gift.

My request for today was to go somewhere near water. I love to travel to nearby places, small towns with water and lovely little shops all in a row. As we made our way through Elora (today's pick) I saw  The Elora Brewing Co. and immediately knew. That was where we would have lunch.

It was a solid choice. The fries were outstanding not only is the beer made in house but the ketchup is too (there is a bottle in my purse that we purchased on the way out). So good...our little mad couldn't say enough about how amazing his burger was (once he removed the offending tomato that is!) Just look at the size of it!!!

Even the Creative Princess ate the fries (she is a French fry hater). Sadly our middle mad chose to sit this adventure out. I hope that he will come around the next time...I hate adventuring without him...

So much fun.
So much food.
So much love,


Sunday, May 13, 2018

To all the mothers I've loved before...

Over the last few weeks I have loved working with almost 250 children and youth to create Mother's Day gifts. I worked in classrooms, in youth groups and I even visited a group of Pathfinders (Girl Guides).

I enjoyed being part of school communities, connecting with educators and being welcomed into classrooms and schools. I even took part in a fire drill!

I was delighted to receive this text from one of the moms who was lucky enough to receive 2 necklaces from her daughters.

I was even more delighted to hear from a friend today who told me that she saw 3 necklaces being worn today while she was out and about for Mother's Day! How fabulous is that?! There is an army of amazing women wearing these necklaces!

So blessed.
So full of love.
It takes a village.

Much love,