Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Upcycling and t-shirt dresses...

There is this artist/designer...she is fantastic! I have been watching her creations come out for sometime now...her company is called lil blue boo. Not only does she sell these fabulous dresses but she has a few patterns as well including the hoodie I made a while back! (which I see now are no photos of it on my blog...soon, I promise!) There are other patterns as well you should definitely check her out! I almost forgot to give credit to my friend at Stacy's Creations Photography for this first photo!Anyway, I love the idea and the fact that I can make Sarah a custom, inexpensive wardrobe by using old t-shirts and other scraps of knit fabrics (I got both the hounds tooth and blue striped fabric for $2/m!!! Crazy eh?)
I tested out a ruffling technique for all of my hemming I found here. It was easy but a little time consuming when it came to the bottom hem of the dress!
I used the hood part of my hoodie pattern...I promise, I will show it to you soon! But the rest was all mine.

I am particularly proud of the cap sleeve overlay on the long sleeves...it was a vision I had to try!I had a lot of fun making this dress...what made it particularly special is that Sarah helped me design it...she helped pick fabrics and choose where they went...I hope she loves it and wears it now!



Polly said...

Wow! It looks awesome! I haven't been brave enough yet to sew so many pieces together to make a dress...but hopefully soon. Love it!

Heather said...

Hi Polly! I'm sure you could do it! It wasn't very hard...quite frankly, if I can do it any novice sewer can! I am looking forward to time for my next creations...but the sewing machine is getting put away...I've traded it in for my oven over the next few weeks!