Saturday, June 24, 2017


On Sunday a friend picked me up after church with a picnic in her bag and took me out for a hike at Tors Cove. My friend has been here just over a year and she told me that she never tires of the scenery, that it never stops being beautiful. I can see why.

The thing I've learned about Newfoundland is that it is always windy. Always. At a glimpse the weather might seem a bit cool but then you get out and get moving and realize that the wind is a bit cool but the air, in fact can be quite warm (there has been frost while I've been here too...the weather varies quite a bit).

Iceberg! Straight ahead! Do you see it? That white spot in the distance? It is an iceberg. Amazing right?

The terrain is rugged. There is always another hill to climb, another step to raise yourself. That is the path we took on Sunday...well a small bit of the 5km that we hiked anyway.

There are many islands just off the island of Newfoundland. I hear that it isn't uncommon to spot sheep or goat hanging out on these islands. Keeps everyone contained!

Honestly, I am not sure if I would tire of this amazing place either. The wind blows so hard sometimes that I have the urge to lean in. Perhaps it's time.

Head Up.
Eyes Closed.
Lean In.

Much love,

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Glimpse

My first full day in NL I was promised a day of 'adventuring'. We would hunt whales, ice bergs and see (some of) the sites in the area.

I can't even say where we started anymore. NL is stunning. NL is awesome (as in awe-mazing). No matter the direction you look, there is a view to take in.

This is from the docks of The Colony of Avalon. Pretty amazing. There is an archaeological dig there revealing what is believed to be one of the first colonies in NL. Crazy right? I have photos of that too but...perhaps I will share them another time.

I found this in a local gift shop. I didn't purchase it as I don't dig bologna BUT how much more NL can you get?!? I loves it!

Cape Spear is the most Easterly point of North America (or so I've been told!) It is stunning. Honestly, behind words. For perspective look for the (crazy) person standing down on the rocks. Everything is SO big here.

Signal Hill overlooks the city of St. John's. Cabot Tower was just built in 1898 (it's the same age our house!) The interesting thing about St. John's is that the city isn't really very old. They have had a number of devastating fires that have lead to the city being rebuilt a couple of time (no quoting me here!)

Signal Hill is the perfect location for military reasons (or at least it was). You can see the city from one side of the hill.

And right out into the Atlantic Ocean from the other side. There are some amazing looking trails around the hill that I am hoping to enjoy in the coming I said, Saturday was about having a glimpse of many things.

By the time our tour was over late Saturday afternoon, I was exhausted. It was simply so much to take in. All so overwhelmingly gorgeous (did I already say that?)

So Big.
So Beautiful.
So Awe-some.

Much love,

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hello St. John's

My first full day in Newfoundland we went to Bowring Park, one of the amazing parks right in the city. It is full of trails and history, much like Newfoundland itself.

There are six Caribou monuments installed in places where The Royal Newfoundland Regiment fought significant battles to honour those who lost their lives.

The Fighting Newfoundlander was unveiled in Bowring Park by Edgar Bowring in honour of those who fought in WWI. This particular soldier is surrounded by Forget Me Nots. They are a symbol of remembrance often worn on July 1st here in Newfoundland.

Peter Pan represents so much that I love and the dedication on the statue is perfect:
Presented to the children of Newfoundland by Sir Edgar R. Bowring in memory of a dear little girl who loved the park.

Newfoundland is rich with history and the people here are so happy to share the stories of their past. It's pretty amazing.

I have arrived.

Much love,

Saturday, June 17, 2017

To Market, to market

I met a friend at the Halifax Market on the weekend. I can honestly say, I have never been to the market before. It was pretty amazing. I mean...look at that building...

I didn't take many photos but these mushrooms. They were just inviting, so organic, so stunning.

After wandering around the Market, we headed down the pier for a late lunch. Halifax has really outdone itself with the gorgeous restaurants...

We ate at The Bicycle Thief. I love the structure they created outside. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the view, the sunshine and the company.

So delightful.
So fun!
So blessed.

Much love,

Friday, June 16, 2017

My Lighthouse

I am pretty sure this was my first time at Peggy's Cove as a an adult. Like a responsible, care giving, adulty adult. It was definitely the first time I drove myself there. I was so overwhelmed. By the power of the ocean as waves hit the rocks again and again along the shoreline.

We stopped at the Swiss Air 111 Memorial. It's hard to believe it's been 18 years. Time has such a funny way about it. It's a gorgeous spot to sit and be. Hold steady and pray. 

We enjoyed an oceanside picnic. Waves crashing against the rocks and us well away from it all, hair whipping in the wind, the sharp taste of the ocean washing down our food.

My hostesses were more than happy to have their photo taken...when they weren't directing me around the point up and down on the rocky landscape. Especially with the iconic Peggy's Cove lighthouse.

No matter which way you turn, there is another gorgeous view.

And all the lobster traps. So many of them. Still a little disappointed ours was removed from our gardens.

Every adventure requires good treats and great company! These girls couldn't have been better hostesses. They loved showing me around!

Shining in the darkness I will follow you.

You will carry me safe to shore.

So overwhelmed.
So in awe.
So blessed.

Much love from Peggy's Cove,

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hello Halifax!

Oh Halifax! I cannot believe it has been 14 years since I was last here. For three years, I lived in a flat that looked out on the Public Gardens. There are so many stories of things that happened in the gardens, outside the gardens and around the gardens. So many times were had.

From there I headed down to the waterfront and took in some of my favourite sites. The historic properties were always a favourite spot of mine. It's like walking into another time.

And of course, the waterfront. There is a lot of construction there now but you can always count on Theodore Tugboat to be there for us!

My walk home reminded me how gorgeous it is out here. The rows of coloured houses...I am so excited to head to St. John's and see all of the colourful houses there. There is just something about them that I love.

So in love.
So lovely.
So blessed.

Much love from Halifax,

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

 Amid all of the laundry, packing and preparations we took some time to just be. We went to one of my favourite spots. The Good Earth Cooking School. You should check it out sometime. It's so gorgeous.

 And not just the spot but the food is also incredible. How can food look so stunning? And taste so so tantalizing. It's a party for your taste buds.

And the gardens. Oh the gardens. They are so lovely even the bees enjoy them. Mr. CB is dying to get some of these Ornamental Cloves in his gardens. They are so delightful when they are in bloom.

Perhaps we will actually make it into the cooking school one of these days. I am sure it is an experience to behold...

And it's all just around the corner from us. 

So beautiful.
So delicious.
So blessed.

Much love from The Good Earth,

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Perspective @ Prom Rock

What does intentional time look like? It looks like hikes, afternoon games and it especially looks like less time spent fretting about work, travel and the other things you can get caught up in. 

What does Perspective look like? It looks like this photo I think...every time I see it I feel disoriented. The children are all standing at different distances from me and it just changes everything. Suddenly Sean looks so tiny, Simon looks like he is moments from being as tall as Sarah and I feel lost. Gosh, are they getting big.

Here they are standing together. Sean is standing a step down so he still looks tiny. I think it's how he's been feeling lately too. So many things happening outside of his control. I can confidently say that I have no desire to be a teenager ever again. There is just always so much.

Except when there's a pot of soup to cook up in a fissure of a rock. Then there's just that. Stirring, adding leaves and pebbles. Just be.

Sometimes we need help to just be. This guy is the part of my life that keeps me calm. Teaches me to slow down. Reminds me to breathe.

So gorgeous.
So full of life.
So blessed.

Much love from Balls Falls,

Friday, June 09, 2017

Sharing the home I know

I cannot explain how much I love showing people around my home when I met someone from Saskatoon I won him over and encouraged him to join us for a day of adventure in Niagara Falls. First, the Aerocar. I've never been on it before.

The view was stunning. We all enjoyed it so much.

I am constantly amazed by the beauty that surrounds us. How can we be so blessed to live in such a gorgeous world.

 There was just one thing missing that day. One person. The boy who fills the gap between these two.

I have been doing my best to take every moment to enjoy everyone before I head out on my summer adventure. To soak up every moment.

So loved.
So beautiful.
So blessed.

Much love from Niagara Falls,