Monday, September 13, 2010

The Happy Baker Give-away Recipe #4

Gosh! I have to admit...I didn't even try this one but Mr. CB assures me it's the best he's had in years...the best cheesecake that is! Sean's choice was I forgot to mention I was married Blueberry Cheesecake! Since it was his sister's night to cook supper he decided that he would love to make dessert.

The crumb crust...
The blueberries...there was the cream cheese part in there too but I didn't get a photo.
Spreading extra crumbs on top...such a proud boy!
Finally, dessert!
We did not make any substitutions for this one...I do buy special cream cheese for the boys but we decided to go wild and let them take their Lactaid Pills. The kids loved dessert but it's off to Mr. CB's work tomorrow as it's hard to say what may happen if the two of us (the cheesecake and I) are left alone tomorrow!


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