Tuesday, June 29, 2010

School's out for summer!

Well, I have to admit...it's a struggle every year to come up with something fun and original for the teachers. Sometimes it involves gift cards (plain and simple because we get busy!) but we do try our best to make it something homemade and useful.

After making my S'mores kits for Loot Bags I decided that our teachers could use some similar sort of loving! So, we put together bigger S'mores kits for the teachers...
That was them decorating their tags...they may have been somewhat distracted by the scrap paper...
This is Sarah's. She loved that tissue paper because it looks like the night sky...pretty cool eh? I love the thought processes of children...
And Sean went with sizzle because it's just, well, it's just so fun!

Both teachers were quite excited...Sean's teacher stopped me and told me that her husband was delighted with the gift while Sarah reported that her teacher hid hers on her husband!

How sweet it is! Happy Summer!


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