Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cake for all Landlubbers!

Gosh I sure do love the pirate theme! It has served me well with these Pirate Cupcakes, our Princess and Pirate Party and now this pirate cake!
This cake was to make! I can't tell you how happy it made me this past weekend! Simply delightful if you ask me!
Until my DD said, "Mom, those rocks look kind of like shark fins", What??? They ARE shark fins goofy girl!
I made a deserted island (also a dessert island in this case).
The only part that isn't edible is the sail and flag...with the humidity and time constraints I wasn't going to try anything rash! The boat was enough.

This cake was flavoured as follows;
Bottom Tier: Chocolate Sour Cream Cake with Cookies and Cream Filling
Middle Tier: Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Filling
Island: Pink Lemonade Cake

Happy Birthday Will!

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