Friday, June 04, 2010

Arrrg Matey!

I am afraid I might be running out of Pirate References! I was so thrilled to get into Sean's Kindergarten class today to celebrate his unbirthday! He chose a Pirate theme this year (last year I choose for him!) It was fantastic! The kids got right into it! Even the girls!

We made Log Books...
They filled them with secret codes, maps and other piratey things!
They were all so proud...Mrs. Habgood, look! I loved every minute! One poor boy called me 'Mrs. Half-good'. I said 'It's Mrs. HaBgood, there is nothing 'half-good' about me...I am 'all-good'! Then another student suggested I could be Mrs. Whole-good! Wow! Really, you are only 5...what an amazing come-back! I think I should have brought that one home! ;)
Ahhhh, the VERY proud unbirthday boy!
And his unbirthday cupcakes...What a reminds me of why I love what I do...


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