Sunday, June 27, 2010 know...

Did I mention that I have been giving my sewing machine a workout lately? I finished our dining room curtains way back in April or May...we can't even remember! Anyway, then it took awhile before I got the tie-backs. Then it took awhile before we had the hooks to hang up the tie know the story...don't you?But I think it was definitely worth the wait...just look at those tie-backs totally OTT (over the top - an acronym we heard when we were in the UK 4 years ago...was that really 4 years ago?) I love those tie backs in a big way...
We hope to get the dining room chairs recovered in the fall to match. I have the fabric but the time is another issue altogether!
Then there are the Master Bedroom curtains...whew! It is hard to get good photos of curtains...anyway, I love these too. I love the colours...we repainted as well. It was the last room to be painted. We should have had a party. Less than 3 years here and we have changed every room. Wow!

Happy Sunday Friends...


Anonymous said...

Great job on the sewing machine. You do nice work.
I love the tie backs and I do not think that they are OTT...they are just right! Gorgeous!
I have to tell you, I love your daughters Jeans/jean skirt...I would love a copy of some instructions on how you did it, I love to quilt! I have a great machine but I really need to learn how to use it to its full potential.
Keep sewing...your projects look great!


Heather said...

Ahhh, thanks Karen! I have never quilted myself. I do love it but there are so many creative adventures I just can't fit them all in. My machine is older than I's an old dad gave it to my mom their first married Christmas...nice eh?

You can find the tutorial on Skip to my Lou I also included the link in my post.

Thanks for the kind words and happy sewing to you!