Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flutter-by, butterfly...

Wow! We have been busy here at Creative Bug! Summer is just around the corner so I have been preparing for that and watching things slow down on the work side a bit...I'm sure there will still be stories to tell and pictures to share though...

The last birthday party of June was a butterfly party...isn't that amazing...I just did Sarah's not so long ago...we love butterflies here!
We started off with shrink art...yes, I do love shrink art but look at those kids...they love it too! Can you spot the interloper below??? Simon hates it when I work...here he is trying to weasel his way in...maybe no one will notice him if he squats in front of the oven like everyone else!!!A few of the girls with their fun books...The birthday girl Jillian!A few of the girls after the party...fun times!I wanted to share some of their work with you (did I mention I got a new camera...I never could take photos like this with the old one!)
We made butterfly cupcakes too...
I hope you had a wonderful birthday Jillian!


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