Thursday, July 01, 2010

How to fill a summer's day...

Yesterday was the first day, THE 1st DAY of Summer Vacation! Hooray! No more lunches to pack (except picnic lunches), no more early wake-ups (unless we are going somewhere we want to go), no more crazy mornings (well, maybe crazy doesn't ever really stop around here...who knows!)

So, on the first day I adopted 2 of my favourite kids for the day...but they are among my kiddies favs too so that means...crazy! Once we finally got everyone up and dressed we headed to the park...then home for a quick snack and play break...then when things started to look a little out of hand we headed into town for a distraction.

First we stopped at Missions for Bibles and everyone chose a necktie, then we went to Home Hardware and bought some rope and then we headed to eat! Wow! The morning was over and I had SO many things planned still!

So, we put Simon down for his nap and got to work...
we stuffed our ties with cotton batting (or fibre fill, whatever I had on hand)...and then we stuffed some more! I sewed up bits where the ties split because they were inexpensive and didn't hold up to all the stuffing that well...this took about an hour for the 8 year-olds, the 7 year-old quit and we cut off about 5" of her tie and I did most of the work for my 6 year-old.
Then there was the fun! Eyes, tongues and tails! The kids absolutely LOVE them! Thank you to Skip to My Lou for the awesome tutorial! You will be seeing more links to this site in the coming days as she just finished a 30 Day Craft Camp! Hello! Can you say awesome???
These little friends require minimal sewing...we used buttons so we sewed them (and totally LOVE the effect) but you can glue googlies and do most of the adult labour with a glue gun.
And to ensure that we finished off on the right note...we all had popsicles before my friends went home!
What a fun day we had! And no, I don't run a daycare so don't try sending your kiddies here! It won't work! Not everyday is that exciting...I swear! ;)


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