Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whooo are you???

Well, the kids have fit in 3+ viewings of Alice in Wonderland since I bought it for Halloween inspiration and I have yet to see it once in full! Anyway...I got the inspiration I needed from the movie, blog surfing and well, imagination of course!Both of the kids wanted to make sure that they were well represented on the cake...so there are a couple of cards for Sean and a whole tier for Sarah...
And just to keep it fun, rather than making my Pink Lemonade Cake just pink, I added some purple too!
The Alice Cake was Blue and White but I didn't get a photo. Everyone wanted cake! I was busy.
Alice - Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream
Cheshire Cat - Pink Lemonade with Pink Lemonade Filling



Janet said...

Saw some sprinkles yesterday-spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds-would have been perfect for this theme!

Heather said...

They would have! I try not to go too crazy on stuff like that as I am never sure when I might actually use it!