Thursday, October 28, 2010

So here's how the story goes...

Wayyyy back in August, I entered a contest put on by Redpath Sugar to win Cake Boss tickets. You simply had to post a recipe and get people to vote for you. SO, that is what I did...I entered my Pink Lemonade Cake recipe.Well, in the midst of that...I discovered that The Happy Baker is a Canadian, self-published book by Erin Bolger...(she entered the contest too). SO, then I contacted Erin and got myself some copies of her cookbook to share!
Then, I lost the contest...I have never done well with popularity contests...but it wasn't for a lack of trying! SO, Redpath treated me to a basket full of goodies...Lucky me! Well, then they had another with asking for a recipe with an unusual that's when I posted the Jalapeno Popper Cheesecake Recipe (it's delish you should totally try it!) This was for a random draw so little effort was involved (well, except the baking and sampling part!)

The prize was that I would get to bake with Erin Bolger for a Youtube Series that Redpath was working on AND more sweet treats! Super cool! Well, then I got thinking...I'm not really a cheesecake kind of girl. I mean I like to bake all sorts of things but the idea of being taped baking a cheesecake just didn't seem right. Then, it was suggested that Pink Lemonade Cake is a little unusual (this had honestly not even occured to me!) SO, I switched the recipe and I won!!!

So lucky again! I met with everyone and filmed the video yesterday...sadly my camera died before we even got started...not SO lucky this time!

We will wait and photos will soon appear in the meantime just know this...I think I'm one pretty lucky girl! Yesterday was SO much fun!

Thank you to the team at Redpath, Erin of The Happy Baker and the Fish Eye Corp Team who made it all seem so easy!


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