Monday, October 25, 2010

8th Annual Habgood Haunt!

I have a bit of a reputation when it comes to Halloween...the funny part is, my house is not decorated, there are decorations I wish were out but haven't had the chance to retrieve from my storage area, we have no pumpkins or anything fall like's actually kind of sad! But we sure were't sad this weekend!

Which way would you go? This tree was my idea...the kids had such a fun time making it with me!
Meet my flower friends...any guesses on the theme yet? These flowers are all over the place...aren't they delightful!
You should be able to figure it out by now for sure!
These just brightened the can find a tutorial for the tissue pompoms here (I would use 20 sheets rather than the recommended 8.) The paper lanterns are inexpensive and had a great effect as well!
Now...this is something that I particularly love! You can find the tutorial (and lots of other cool ideas) for this wreath here.
Finally...the costumes! I bought mine (first ever store bought costume for me!) here. The shipping was super quick! I made Simon's (the white rabbit), Mr CB's was a compilation of goodies...I found the vest at a Good Will store for only $3.50, the hat and gloves we picked up at a costume store and the bow tie I whipped up with some remnant sequin fabric. Alice is Dorothy from a few years ago revisited and the Ace we made in a few hours with a couple of yards of felt.
Simple enough? There are SO many great ideas out of my favourite spots to find them is at One Pretty Thing. I bought the fabric to make this door but just ran out of time!

There was also Bubble Gum Iced Tea (totally forgot to take photos of this) that the kids loved adding sugar cubes that I got from Redpath Sugar to! (thank goodness I didn't sweeten it ahead of time!) You should check out Redpath Sugar's Acts of Sweetness Blog and Facebook! I am looking forward to doing some work with them soon!

Just 6 more days until Halloween!


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