Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cheese Please!

If you ever spent a day here (when we were all here and in good form), you would know we can be quite cheesy and boy do we ever love a good pun! Well, Friday morning there was a rather pungent cheese in my kitchen it would see I was trying to make some parchment paper when Mr. CB came downstairs he took one look at it and suggested it looked like processed cheese!

Please note: this is after me staying up past my bedtime trying to get my video uploaded for The Marilyn Denis Show Auditions and knowing that I had way too much work booked over the weekend and a party that I needed to be in top form for.

I glowered at him and restarted my wasn't looking promising at first but then with some fiddling around, I landed on this...
Not bad eh? I figured I could live with up, finishing touches on my wand and sorting hat...they were both made with chocolate fondant but then there were different finishes put on them. I used a powder on the hat to make it look dusty and age it while I used brushed on a watered down colourant to enhance the wood grain and create the shine.
Then I started to paint...if you know me, you know I am intimidated by mother used to tole paint a LOT. She even used to teach tole painting and then decorative painting...really, you name it...she's done it! I have avoided painting because my mother was so good I figured I would likely never be good enough...and here I am painting!
And here is Simon...painting too! He was so sweet! He was fabulous while I worked on this (I don't usually work when he is around so I had no idea what to expect!)
Here is the completed cake...with more painting. I painted 4 spells on the cake;
Lumos = Light the wand
Confundus = Confuse the person the spell is cast on
Expecto Patronum = Conjures an incarnation of the conjurors innermost positive feelings
Imperio = Causes the victim to follow the commands of the caster
I really enjoyed doing this cake. The directions were 'we are going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in November. Oh and make it chocolate please!'

So here you have it...a 10", 4.5" high chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling.

Happy Birthday Trish!


PS Sarah later came down and assured me that none of my pieces of work looked like cheese...cheese isn't usually various shades of yellow.

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