Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bleached Beauties...Diva Dish #3

I've told you about bleaching's just such a hit with the kids! So here we are at it again! This time, because it was fashion camp...the girls each got to choose the image they put on their own shirts (they loved my Cricut!) Just in case you were wondering, you can find my tutorial for this super cool, super easy, super fun activity here!
Take a look at these shirts...not only did they choose different images but you can also see that they all sprayed them differently ending up with very different results!
I love that ice cream cone! The girls worked really hard on cutting the shapes out of the cone so that it would have a little extra detail!
Don't they all look fabulous! We had a fashion show and they got right into it...
Please forgive the creative disaster! It was a busy day and it was tough to keep everything in order!


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