Monday, October 18, 2010

Careers in Art!

When I heard that my friend's daughter was doing an art project that focused in on careers in art and her group chose cake decorating I offered up a couple of hours to help them out. They came with cake and frosting in hand and we set to work!

We torted the cakes and iced them.
Then we kneaded the fondant...
and we covered the cakes...And set to decorating!I gave each of them a picture as inspiration and they set to work...this one was focused on piping and painting.
This cake as a fall harvest basket...look at all the work they put into this one!
Isn't it fantastic?
And this one was based on a leaf cake. There was some extra creativity added here...I love to see that!
I had a great time with the kids and am thinking about having a Cake Decorating PD Camp as a result!


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