Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going Bananas!

Well, it's been a hot week here at Creative Bug HQ. Have I told you that we don't actually have air conditioning here? Yep, it's true...sometimes I think I might melt but then we go to the library or find a pool that is friendly enough to endure us for a little while...and other days I take a little afternoon siesta (well, I don't get to nap very often but I did yesterday!)Bananas and chocolate. Mmmm! Oh and did I mention, there is peanut butter melted into the chocolate???
Here we go! There aren't a lot of photos of the in between part because it was mayhem here! Simon LOVES helping and well, it's tricky to keep up with everyone and make sure everyone gets a turn around here!
But we dipped and sprinkled and froze...
then we ate...
and got messy...
I think if Simon were talking he would have said 'I really like the chocolate and peanut butter part Mummy.' Yep, he cleaned off that banana really well didn't he??? Want to do it too? Check out Simple Bites for directions!


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