Sunday, July 18, 2010

A week in crafts at Vacation Bible School

On the first day of VBS we made these log books. Each page has some starter sentences to help the kids reflect on their day and the daily teachings.
On the second day, we made these rocket ship bags to help the kids keep track of all the goodies they would collect throughout the week!AND, we also did some stamping...I loved watching them create these cards...everyone was so creative!
On Wednesday we rolled salt dough, cut and baked it then on Thursday we painted the shapes to create mobiles!
We also took some time to decorate the covers of our activity books (they were meant to be a time-filler but we were so busy we didn't have a chance to really look at them all week!)
On Wednesday we also made these necklaces...the kids are still wearing them!
Finally, on Friday we decorated t-shirts using potato stamps!
And those were just our crafts! We also enjoyed stories, games, science and snacks!!!


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