Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

It seems to have become a tradition that we enjoy pancakes on Canada Day...I mean...we are known for Maple Syrup, right?And then I have these fabulous pancake forms from Williams-Sonoma (there is also a Canadian site but you can't shop on-line there) can see what they currently have available here. On a side note I totally should not have gone there...I mean seriously...Star Wars Pancake Molds??? A popsicle maker and a popsicle cookbook??? Oh sorry...I got a little distracted...sadly they don't ship to Canada!!! The nearest Williams-Sonoma is a bit of a stretch and that's likely for the best I think!
Back to my Maple Leaf pancakes...I also put Maple Leaf Quins in them...thank you Bulk Barn!

Off to our annual celebrations...Simon had a Canadian Flag painted on his face...isn't he the coolest? ;)
Here is sweet Sarah with her butterfly balloon and butterfly on her cheek...
And lastly Sean showing off on the new playground...he is a lion...didn't they do a great job?
The kids had a great day...Mad Science, Bouncers, Balloons and a BBQ all finished off with a playground and a roll down a hill!

Happy Canada Day! Happy Independence Day to our American Friends!


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