Friday, July 09, 2010

Caution: Simon's 2!

I don't know if you really saw what Sean and I decided to put on the cake the other day but it was;
Caution Simon's 2

We are definitely experiencing the willful nature of a toddler trying to find his way here...the biggest difference with Simon is that he's doing it without words! Simon has lots of sounds and uses them like words but he doesn't have a lot of 'formed' words yet. All in time...
To go with the construction theme, I made a quick sign...cutting all of those triangles was a bit of a challenge but it was totally worth it! it's just too cute if you ask me!
And Simon got a safety vest and tool belt for his birthday...he loves them! In fact, I also got a safety vest for Sean and when Simon saw him wearing it he yelled at Sean and pointed at himself. It was the first time I've seen Simon indicate 'mine!' like that! It was funny!
I got out my yellow plates from our big birthday stash! I use these plates quite a lot in fact! The cutlery I had from Halloween (we wash and reuse sturdy plastic cutlery). If I actually got out more I would have picked up some black napkins but there just wasn't time for that!

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