Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fairy Friends!

One of our daughter's books chronicles the life of a fairy including the significance of spring. As the snow melts, fairies come out of their warm hiding places and begin to spread their magic in our gardens, meadows and fields. According to the book it is because of their magic that flowers bloom.

So, at this Fairy Party, we created hairbands with flowers as fairies themselves might wear. Then we moved on to Shrink Art!
But we did something different this time (they were a big hit!) We made charm bracelets...everyone's was different but each had 3 Shrink Art Charms (a Monogram Crown, a Wand and a set of Fairy Wings) along with a selection of beads.
Here is the birthday girl with her cupcake...also decorated with fairy wings!
This was a sweet bunch of girls! We had a lot of fun!


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