Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Small Business, Big Impact!

I wrote to you last week...telling you that we are stuck. Well, we are still stuck but things are looking a little better. We have worked through some of the requirements with the town and found a way to reclassify ourselves so that these requirements are minimized but still focused on safety. Such a relief!

In the meantime, there is a contest...I heard about it through a friend and well, after the response I got last week, I think it applies to me. The contest is being run by Scotiabank and it is focused on how small businesses make a big impact in their communities. I believe that I am one of those businesses. I also believe that my community isn't just Beamsville/Grimsby and the rest of Lincoln but that it includes my on-line community as well. I know that some of you follow me for inspiration and others follow me to keep up with the happenings here at our house...

So, I am asking you to help...go vote, leave a comment, 'like' my page. I am not judged on votes alone so while the numbers look great (there are higher ones out there), I am certain that your comments and 'likes' will help too. So please take a moment and vote, or take more time and vote daily, hourly, whatever you can do is great!

Some moments I want to share with you...I love my sign. I am so proud of my business...and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for many of you. Help me stay here!
Everyone knows I love Shrink are some girls watching their charms shrink!
From our Creative Science Camp, we are ready for our hover craft races!From Fashion Camp...what a fun day we had!
This is a family business through and through...our children enjoy it as much as I do...
They make me so happy...but every child who walks in my door and gets excited about being a part of Creative Bug makes me happy.
I am so blessed to have all of you and have the opportunity to work with so many children. In 2 years we have had more than 40 birthday parties, we have made over 60 cakes...that's a lot of smiles!

Please take a moment and vote for me


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