Monday, March 28, 2011

Creative Camp - Creative Science!

When I started planning my March Break Camps I figured I better find something to include my middle son...we have so many fun workshops for the girls already! I hemmed and I hawed and I finally decided on Creative Science. The truth is, just because I choose a theme doesn't mean I know what it is going to look like. I choose a theme and then I start brainstorming. In this case, I even checked some books out of the library on science!

I read and I searched and I read some more! I am not much of a science person but I wanted to show the kids that science is all around us whether we acknowledge it or not. So, that was the inspiration for our it is at various stages throughout the day...
A friend of mine who IS into science helped with the games. Here they are playing White Blood Cell Tag. This was a huge hit! These white blood cells are trying to chase down the nasty germs that are left!
One of my favourite activities is Shrink Art (as if you didn't know that!) As hard as I tried...I could not find the science in it, they said it was magic on-line, in the packaging, everywhere! Here is some magic happening...the kids counted to 60 3 times while we waited for their work to shrink! The little guy up front instigated that! He was SO fun!
Here they are when we peaked in...
Now, we needed to keep the kids they are working on a Scavenger Hunt. They had to answer 20 questions about the science of our bodies. Did you know that teeth are our only bones that don't heal themselves?
Lava lamps! These were super fun! Everyone loved this craft!
Our grand finale were our Hover Crafts! I am so glad we did these they were SO fun (even if they did result in a headache and a number of head rushes from inflating all of those balloons over and over again!
We raced them. Talked about the results, came up with some hypotheses and raced them again!
Before we all left the kids finished their Science Journals (we worked on them throughout the day) and we review our day in full so parents could hear what we did as they came to collect their children.

I had such a great time I am hoping to run a series of these once a week over the summer. Hope to see you there!


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