Friday, April 08, 2011

The gift of gab!

During March Break one of the girls I see regularly pulled me aside at the end of the day. Her birthday was coming up and she had some plans she wanted to discuss. So, I gave her my full attention and asked her what she had in mind. She then told me that first I should get paper and a pen. Kids are fabulous aren't they? That's when she expressed she would like a Spa Party BUT, she wanted to make bath bombs, lip gloss and mud masks. Her mother shooshed her aside and said if I couldn't do the mud masks she understood and they would work it out between them.

But if you know me you know that I always do my best to rise to a challenge! So here we are working on the bath bombs!
More bath bomb fun!
Now these girls were SO excited to be out together. They were not on a sugar high (I swear) they were just high energy. They sang for me, they cheered for me, it was the most fun I've had in awhile! They insisted on making a pyramid too!
I'd say that this is a party that these girls won't soon forget! Oh and did you notice? It was a PJ party! So while it wasn't a sleepover the girls did wear their finest pjs, slippers, robes and other bedtime accessories!


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