Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Elephant Went out to play...

Am I the only one who sings songs based on what they are doing? Do you know the Sharon, Lois and Bram song I am referring to above? Maybe I should have stuck with 'An Elephant Never Forgets'. I am sure the recipient of this cake was not going to forget that she was due a 'special cake'!

I have a friend who I chat with on-line...she let me know oh, I would say in July that she wanted to order a cake for her mother's 50th birthday. Her mother had made it clear that her cake was to be special...initially the request was for a camping, mountain biking cake with an elephant on it...I had an idea and it may have worked...but then my friend saw my Zebra Cake. And who didn't love that cake??? So, she asked if I could make an elephant one like it. I rarely turn down a challenge or turn a customer away for that I started dreaming of elephants...

Then the baking began...rather than fight with cake to make the trunk I used rice krispies treats and moulded it right onto the cake. I don't know if that's the right way to do it...I don't watch Cake Boss or any of those other shows...I just make it up as I go along...and I moulded the ears while I was at it using a cake pan as the form.
Then I covered the trunk, made my tail, tusks and other accessories...
And here he friend the elephant!
I hear he was a hit! The guest of honour loved him...I hope you do too!


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Owen Duggan said...

Hey Heather, Thanks for the plug. Love your elephant!
Owen Duggan