Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jean-i-ous Camp - Coming Soon!

I am SO excited! Time always seems to slip by and January has been no exception! I spent yesterday afternoon plotting and planning the best way to reuse an old pair of 6x/7 jeans...I wanted bang for my buck! I want to wow the girls that are coming next week...I mean WOW!

So, I started with the purse, then the bolster pillow (which is a PJ holder by day), next the kerchief...then I had one big piece left...not wanting to leave it out I made a half-apron!
Oh and let's not forget the shrug I made out of a t-shirt! I will be buying Sarah a tee for the workshop tomorrow while out shopping for embellishments!
Just look at that is just cuteness! Yes, this is the ribbon we will be belting the purse with but you can always change it up. I need a little spring in my step, don't you?
One last look.
Thinking about sending your daughter? Here are the details;
Date: Jan 31, 2011
Time: 9am-4pm
Cost: $35
Ages: 8+
Bring your own lunch. **Nut-free**

Lots of you have been asking questions about our upcoming workshop! I hope this helps answer your questions.

From the jeans we will make;
-bolster pillow (for storing pjs, can also be stuffed by you)

Jeans shouldn't be more than 1 size smaller than your daughter's current size to ensure that projects are appropriately sized.
Jeans can be embroidered or embellished.

We will use the t-shirt to make a shrug and embellishments. Shirt can be long sleeve or short sleeved and should fit your daughter.
Make it an older tee with stains or pick one up at your local Good Will.
The neckline doesn't matter but gathered sleeves would definitely add to the cute factor!

Embellishments will vary. If you have any embellishments that your daughter would like to use specifically please send them in with her!

We will be doing some light sewing and will have a lot of creating to do!

I have included a photo of my samples...they are not yet embellished but it gives you an idea of what to expect.


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