Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas Craftiness

I booked a group to come to my workshop for some Christmas Crafts awhile back...the only requests were cupcakes and maybe a card. I love that. Sooo...I get to choose the crafts? They can be old or new? Great!

In this case, they is a bit of old and new...we made our cupcakes and later decorated them to be reindeer (unfortunately, we were tight on time so they were pretty rushed.)
We also made Santa Belly Lanterns and Penguin Cards.
I had so much fun with this group! They were a riot to have in my workshop...and very conscientious crafters too!
Here are my samples...
Sarah was eyeing up my lantern on the mantle the other day...

Sarah: Mummy, I really like that lantern.
Me: Thank you Sarah.
Sarah: Mummy, do you think we could do that lantern in Creative Kids?
Me: We are done our Christmas Creative Kids for this year Sarah.
Sarah: But maybe we could do it next year?
Me: Maybe Sarah.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who loves making these lanterns...we are getting quite a collection of them! We have now made Pumpkins, Ghosts, Snowmen and of course, our latest, the Santa Belly!


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Kelly said...

I love the reindeer cupcakes. The pretzel antlers are particularly brilliant.