Thursday, December 23, 2010

You're a superstar!

I have been struggling a bit this would seem as older two Creative Kids just might be, I mean, may be...well there is a possibility that they are "crafted-out". I hurts doesn't it? I admit, things have gotten pretty crazy this year with me having some time off in December I have been doing some extra crafty stuff and a little baking...but I have been taking it pretty hard when the kids turn down crafts so they can go play.

It's a "Cat's in the Cradle" kind of moment for me...but alas, I still have my baby and he rarely says no to Mummy's crafty needs!

Today we made a simple Sugar Scrub using things that you will find in your kitchen. Right now.
Well, maybe you won't find Simon there but he is here if you need him. Helpful. Cute. Two. Remember the 2 part because otherwise it doesn't always work out...

SO, we filled our jars (these are mini-jam jars that were given to us but look out for baby bottles, relish jars, etc) with sugar and topped it up with some oil.This seemed like a wise idea until Simon and I started stirring...and I have to tell you side of the table didn't look much better! Add oil until you are happy with the consistency...keeping it a tad on the dry side...
As you may want to add a scent. We tried vanilla. And we tried the scrub. It was lovely, my hands felt great did Simon's...see?
And here is the somewhat finished product...I hope we have time to pretty them up!
So, are my Superstar! Thank you for helping me and keeping me on my toes. And thank you for being so lovely...


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