Thursday, December 02, 2010

He's hired!

Well, after Sean woke up to the smell of fresh baked banana cake the other day, Simon and I decided we better make it up to everyone with a little treat of our we got out The Happy Baker and chose Toffee Cracker Goodness as the recipe of the morning.
Simon got straight to work! And this is his work...yes, my 2 year old is lining the crackers up that nicely!
I got the butter and brown sugar going...we changed our plan and redid the crackers with parchment underneath (just in case...)
Simon is ready with the chocolate!
His job was to spread the chocolate and much for those nice tidy crackers!
And the perks of the job!
Simon only helps when the treats are for consumption in our own house...but he sure does love helping!!!


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Twins Squared said...

O.K., how cute is he?!!! Love it!