Monday, November 02, 2009

Tricks and Treats for the Week...

So, before I got sick last week let's see what I committed to...
  1. Bathtub Cake for Saturday - mmm sorry...H1N1
  2. 5th Birthday Cake for Sunday - See above
  3. Buggy Birthday on Sunday - again, see above
  4. Finish treats with Sarah for her class - boy do I ever love my husband, see below
  5. Cupcakes for JK/SK Halloween Party - thank goodness I plan in advance...see below
Sarah and Martin did a fabulous job of finishing these up didn't they? Great work Sarah! I hope your classmates loved them.
Now these were a little trickier. The cupcakes were baked, the icing was all made, the candy was I put Sean (our 5 YO in charge of these...)
Aren't they bootiful! Thank you to another magnificent helper...they were delivered on time in full! Thank goodness I got something done or I would have even more cupcakes on my hands over here!!!
These lanterns were the craft for this years Halloween Party...I thought you might like to see them...the kids loved doing them...
And they look super lit up!


PS I am much better now and I don't get sick often so please forgive my 3 days of lying on the couch...

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