Saturday, November 14, 2009

I hear it's your birthday...

I was asked to do a cake for an old friend...seriously, I know I am young but it seems like a lifetime ago since I met her. I used to babysit her son for goodness sake! Anyway, it was to be a scrapbook I tried...
And when I was done I sent the above photo to the woman who asked for the cake (another friend) and neither one of us were happy. She said "I like the flowers...", I said "It looks like an anniversary cake". We said scrap it! (Pun absolutely intended!!!)
So I did...with about 40mins left to finish the cake, I took it apart and did a redo. Remember 'Redos' from when you were a kid? Well, today I did one even though I am an adult...
So, I fashioned some craft scissors, sprinkled glitter on the cake (it's edible don't worry) and put the glitter container on the side. And how about those wood blocks! I threw in a couple stamps for the birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Nancy!


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