Saturday, November 21, 2009

A little bit of sweetness in my life...

So, here are the details on our upcoming workshop...

First, the project...
Second the other stuff;
Workshop on December 8th, 6-10pm
RSVP and payment due by December 1st
Appetizers provided
*Will take a minimum of 3 hours to complete
Now, shall we do the next event at my house or yours?
The kids loved their house waffles...what a treat! It's so good when you get a big win as a parent!!! Yeah Mummy!

Now these...these are rum drenched vanilla cakes. Uhhh...yum!!! So good. Don't forget to order your Christmas Baking! ;)
How can Simon be crazy already at just 16 months I wonder? He has been spending too much time in this house I say!

Finally, Simon says "Peace Out!"Enjoy!

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