Friday, November 20, 2009


If you are a product of the 80s like might remember Kevin...the rainbow chips ahoy boy. Well, I have one of those living in my house...last Friday I was happily decorating cupcakes when the kids came down for breakfast.

Mistake #1
So, I ever so carefully moved them to the know, out of their way.
Mistake #2
Then I went upstairs to get Simon.

I came downstairs to 'It was an accident it wasn't me'. Ummmm, if you created the accident don't you think you should take responsibility?

Some people call him 'Little Red' or 'Copper Top' I call him Sean or sometimes Sean Martin or when things are very bad I call him Sean Martin Habgood. But things weren't bad that day...I was in a good mood...I was going away for the weekend and taking these babies with me (the cupcakes not the kids.)

So, I patted Sean on the head and gave him and Sarah each a smooshed flower and moved on. So unlike me. It felt good. Then I finished the cupcakes...
I really like the pink ones...they make me happy...they could be any colour in the real bouquet might be nice but for now I shall have to get my enjoyment from cupcakes!


Cheryl said...

Yum! Wish I could be there to sample. ;)

Nichi said...

Aww cute! The pink & yellow do make you happy just looking at them!