Tuesday, November 04, 2008

TWD Rugelach

Alright so I took my first week off since Simon was born...it has been a bit overwhelming keeping up with all my Tuesday with Dorie friends and trying to work from home with the kiddies underfoot! I also wanted to make sure that my blog was not so heavily weighted with lovely Dorie treats!!!

This week's treat is brought to us Piggy of Piggy’s Cooking Journal she chose Rugelach (any guesses on how to pronounce that???

There was a lot of excitement around this recipe...first you make the dough...then let it rest over night (or 4 nights in my case!) Then you roll it, put in the filling (destroy the dough with marmelaide that is too hot, oops!), press the filling down (I kind of liked that part). Cut and roll then put it back in the fridge for 30mins (uuuhhhh, when are the cookies going to be ready?) Go to school, do errands, come home with screaming baby...brush egg and water mixture on them and throw them in the oven...FINALLY! Then we are late to pick up Sean because the cookies were still baking!!! AcK!

So here they are...they don't look as beautiful as Dorie's but what can I say...I got them done!

Now here are my little buttery friends all packed up and ready to go to work with DH. His colleagues have been asking when the next batch of treats are coming (I think they should start a slush fund to pay for my cooking adventures they get to enjoy!)

Goodbye and good luck my little friends...my waistline will appreciate this departure!
Be sure to join us next week when we continue our adventures on TWD with Yolanda, The All-Purpose Girl who selected Kugelhopf.



Engineer Baker said...

That's why I bring mine in too - they're too dangerous to have around! Yours look just perfect.

Danielle said...

Yours look like they held there filling better then mine!

kim said...

as long as they taste good, that's what matters!! :) kudos for making these with so much hectic stuff going on, they look yummy!

Anonymous said...

They are delicious -- you showed more restraint than I did in sending them off with your husband!

Barbara said...

Congratulations on making them, and on your restraint in sending them away.