Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday My Love!

It seems to me that I can turn almost any occaision into a Dorie occaision...we celebrated my husband's birthday with yet another TWD Rewind. Here we have Gooey Chocolate Cake with raspberry sauce...yummy!!!

It was totally fab but who would have thought that molten lava cake would actually melt a candle???? Oops! Don't eat that piece of cake honey!!! I believe this recipe was chosen back in July shortly after Simon was born and all I have to say is thank you! This simple cake was lovely!!!

We actually celebrated my husband's birthday a few weeks ago with this cake however, how can you not celebrate on the actual day of too? So, the kids and I set to work after school. We got presents in order, they made crowns for all of us and we had ourselves a partea!!!

Aren't they all stunning? Here is Martin with Simon (I know, he doesn't get enough airtime so here he is with his very own crown!!

When we were out buying supplies and gifts we stopped into the florists here in town and they gave us these lovely roses! Thank you to Willy's Flowers in Beamsville!

Willy's would also be where Sean chose this gift for Martin...can't quite explain it but this was THE gift!

Sarah on the other hand was quite intent on giving Martin an ornament (poor guy is going to be Christmas'd out in no time!) Anyway, I figured we should create him an ornament from one of his favourite shops in town...Home Hardware of course!!! So, we scoured the aisles looking for just the right bits...

Not only did Martin get this lovely wreath that Sarah made but he also got all of the leftover bits to add to his toolbox. A win, win if you ask me!!!

Here is Martin's turtle signing out...


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