Monday, August 01, 2011

Sunny Days...

I don't know everyone who reads my blog but I bet a lot of your are moms...and something came up the other day while we were on vacation. First take a is Simon in the shirt that I made him to wear at Sesame Place...
And Sarah in her Abby Cadabby shirt I made for her to wear there...
Let's not forget Sean, our middle child, who is going through a 'what about me' phase.
And Mr. CB...doesn't he look charming in is Super Grover golf shirt (he also took a moment to apologize to Grover for Simon's lapse in judgement with the Elmo shirt.
So there we were at Sesame Place with our homemade tees...wait a minute...what's missing? Of course, it's me. And the answer is no, I didn't make myself a tee. Why you ask? I ran out of time, didn't have a tee, just don't ever seem to get to myself. Do you have that same problem?

Then I got to thinking...everyone has at least one really cool bleach shirt here too...well, except for me. I came up with some designs yesterday but now I need some tees. Hopefully I will be back soon with some cool tees of my own to share...just for me.


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