Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sew me happy!

You all know that sewing has gone from being one of the domestic things I hate the most to one that I love a great when we found out that we had a young girl coming to stay with us from Brooklyn the first thing I thought was...well, I shall have to sew something for her while she is here.

So, on Day #2 I pulled out my t-shirt bin and my fabric bin and we laid out a t-shirt and some coordinating fabrics and I got to work. Now, because the kids were having trouble adjusting, I obviously couldn't just make something for ONE of the kids and not ALL of the kids. SO, I finished dress #1 put it away and then had Sarah choose a tee and coordinating fabrics and so on until I had something for everyone...
This is the only photo I have of Nyla's dress. Isn't it sweet though? I sewed the back of the tee on inside out so that you can see the nicely scripted Disney that is silk screened on the shirt.

Here is the tee I made for Simon...I used the Little Blue Boo Hoodie Pattern but sewed in a collar instead...he was set on Tom & Jerry as soon as he saw that t-shirt! There were no if ands or buts about it!
Sean has been lovin' this Ghostbusters Tee since I brought it home from Value Village about a month ago! He is so pleased to have finally added it to his wardrobe! This tee is based on the Sienna Dress by Lil Blue Boo.
I think Sarah was a little disappointed that Nyla chose the Minnie shirt but I am just thrilled with how this one turned out. It is not as girlie as her usual choices but it looks fabulous on her and I am going to enjoy her wearing it for sometime! Both this dress and the Minnie Dress are inspired by the Sienna Dress by Lil Blue Boo as well (boy do I ever wish this pattern was available in bigger sizes!)
As I type this I am thinking about the next tees that I have set aside and I am dying to pull them out but I really should get some other things done around this house first (SO boring!)


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