Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fresh Air Fun!

When we decided to volunteer for the Fresh Air Fund, there was an air of excitement in the house. Sarah knew the dates and had them on her friends' calendars. Sean counted down the days until the child matched to our family would arrive. Simon watched as we cleaned and prepared the room.

Finally, the day came and then the week or so passed and now she is gone.
On the night Nyla arrived, the kids ran through the gardens, they hunted bugs and butterflies. Nyla had trouble getting to sleep that night...we talked to her until she started to yawn and show signs of fatigue.
The next day we took her to swimming lessons, she completed the last 3 days with the kids and loved it. We visited a local splash pad/park. So many firsts for our new friend.
We had a quiet day then the next we headed to Balls Falls. We discovered many Inukshuks at the top of the Upper Falls and the kids built one to join the others.
We headed to Port Dalhousie, spent a bit of time on the beach and then rode the carousel.
I later discovered that the carousel was actually carved in Brooklyn, Nyla's home turf.
We spent our next day in Niagara Falls. Enjoyed the Maid of the Mist...
And then came home to celebrate Sarah's birthday! Our last big activity with Nyla was the beach. Ahhh, the beach. We were there for 6 hours...the time just slipped by.
Thank you for visiting Beamsville Nyla. We hope you had fun!
The kids sure were worn out after you left...we spent a couple of quiet days of rest catching up...relaxing and reading.
What a girl! What a week!


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