Saturday, August 06, 2011

Phone Home

Do you have a home that isn't your home? You know, a place that even though you have only just arrived, you feel as though you haven't left? I have a few of those...we were recently at one of them.
A place that is safe and comfortable, where you are loved. Yeah...that's where we were. Wish we had more of them in fact...

Well, at that place, there was a birthday. A very important birthday.
And that birthday girl, she happens to love ET and a lot of things from the 80s in fact...the fact that retro is in, is really working for her...
So, last year it was Purple Soap...this year ET. I hope she loved her cake. I miss her already. Can't wait to go back again soon.


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Nichi said...

That is awesome! I have remember this one for my brother.