Saturday, August 20, 2011

I always feel like...

Somebody's watchin' me!

A few weeks ago, we had our Secret Agent Camp! This camp was less about crafts and more about being crafty! ;)

Here are the kids preparing their disguises!
We worked out some sleuth communication devices...
Then made them a little more discrete so that the bad guys wouldn't catch up to what we were up to!
Our pompom shooters were a hit! (Our little princess handed over her shooter as soon as the day was done...she will have nothing to do with guns!) You can find a number of tutorials for these shooters on the internet but I used the one offered by Root And Wings Co. found here.
Here is my team. In disguise!
We also enjoyed Wink Murder, Jail Break, The Telephone Game, several scavenger hunts (one created by the kids - each one wrote a clue and they worked through them together!) and lots of other activities! It was a fun busy day!

It's been a fun summer full of Creative Camps! Just one left to go...


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