Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's hear it for the boys!

These are from a few weeks ago but as I mentioned on my Facebook account, I did not get any good photos so here they are...2 boy cakes the same week! This was intense for me...

First a cake that required a good bit of sculpting and proportioning...whew! Everybody meet Anakin Legoman Skywalker. everyone!
The other little man in my client's life is a big Handy Manny fan! So without further adieu here is Handy Manny and some of his friends!
This cake was a lot of fun for me...I had no idea how much I would enjoy sculpting with fondant...I'm always telling the kids that it's like PlayDoh apparently I haven't gotten that out of my system yet! ;)

Here is a photo I love...
It captures such a special moment.

I hope everyone had a fabulous time at the May Birthday Bash thanks for including Creative Bug!


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Ann Marie Arnott, Owner/Designer, Little Bull Designs said...

Heather! The boys and I loved the cakes. All our friends (young and not so young) were in awe of your awesome work!!! Thank you so much again. Without your cakes the May Birthday Bash wouldn't have been such a success!